Install/upgrade Windows 10 feature update 1809 with SCCM

This is a small how to upgrade windows 10 with SCCM, more specific in this example upgrade windows 10 1803 to windows 10 1809, upgrade in place without to lose any data or installed apps.

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So windows 10 1809 was released again :) in late November this year and now is available on SCCM Windows 10 servicing, All windows 10 Updates or servicing plan. Microsoft recommend to use servicing plan, some of my customers prefer the old way buy deploying the feature  update creating a software update group with many customs deployments. In this article I will do the the second scenario, deployingdeploying like a regular update.

  • Go in SCCM console -> Software Library -> Software Updates -> Windows 10 Servicing -> All windows updates . You can sort the available updates by adding a filter with required, in this way you will reduce the noise, tens of option s availble but not required will disappear Available-windows-10-upgrades
  • Right click on the required update and deploy. Follow the normal path for any update deploymentWindows-10-upgrade-SUG
  • Windows clients will begin to start installation proccess Windows-10-installing windows-10-installation-progres
  • After a wile, in my case a few hours of background activity windows the upgrade was finished, in all this time users are able to use their comptures without to much performance lose /windows10-upgrade-finished

That was all, quite simple no :) happy sscm-ing