SCCM capture a Image from references computer

SCCM capture a Image from references (template) computer

In this article I will describe how to create a golden image from a template computer. Note that the target computer must not be a domain member.

So you have you perfect computer and you want to make a golden image using this computer for references. Are more methods to accomplish this task, one is using MDT Lite touch, but we will use SCCM for to that.

With SCCM are a few steps:

·         Create a capture media ISO for boot on desired computer

·         Capture the image from template computer

·         Import this image in SCCM

Create a capture media ISO

1.       Right click on Software-> Operating Systems-> Task Sequence and select create a task sequence media 



2.       Choose Capture Media



3.       Browse to location where you want to save file and give a filename (eg. capturemedia.iso)



4.       Choose the boot image - remember that we have already added the network card drivers and distributed to the Distribution Point so we should be confident. We also enabled Command Support in case of a problem.

 Select boot image


5.       Resultant ISO - copy this image file to CD



Create image from reference computer

1.     The ISO files is not bootable, insert the cd in computer and run the setup


welcome image capture



2.     Select where to store this image, usually I use to store this image on D drive on source computer.

image destination


3.     Finish de wizard. The computer it will run sysprep process





4.     After sysprep is finished computer reboot in Windows PE



5.     Image is captured


6.     Wizard is complete. The new image WIM is available. After restart the computer it will be configured for first use (out of box experience)


Import image in SCCM

1.       Right click Operating system Images and Add

add_image dp

2.       Enter the location where WIM image is stored


3.       Enter the OS details


4.       Next

5.       Finish

6.       Distribute the image to distribution point. Right click on image and select distribute content. Select a proper DP

7.       Check the properties of the image