Create a driver package for OS deployment

Create a driver package for OS deployment

Before to start and create der driver package let’s talk about drivers.

Driver types

It’s easy to make 2 categories about drivers:

·         Good Drivers – Drivers which come in a .inf/sys/cat format and can be add easily in system

·         Bad Drivers – Drivers which come in a setup program and must be installed like a regular program using a setup wizard (usually Bluetooth drivers)

Which drivers?

In these days it’s crazy to go on pc manufacture and grab a driver. I will find a ton of driver and a lot bloated mess. You entry a very specific model and you will find 4 drivers for video card, two Intel, one AMD, one NVidia, 7 Network cards, etc. Plus you have more versions for same driver, and some time they out of date. And you need to download all, not an easy process. Dell was first who help sys admins and made the cab’s for each modern model. Good job! But I strongly recommend taking drivers only from the component manufactures (Intel, Broadcom, etc.).

In general you need drivers for:

·         Intel Nic (proset)

·         Intel Chipset

·         Intel integrated video card

·         Intel SOL and HECI

·         Intel mass storage (RST)

·         Broadcom network

·         NVidia and AMD video cards

I find a very useful SCCM tool (ConfigMgr Driver Injector) for drivers grab and driver injections. So usually I find all necessary drivers for a computer model, check in computer management if every ting is fine and after that I use this ConfigMgrDriverGrabber to create very slim and useful GOOD Drivers to import in SCCM link fortool :



Once you have the drivers lets go and add them in SCCM

Important! The most of drivers are required by the fresh new windows install so don’t add all drivers in the boot images. SCCM it will ask if you want and many select yes. You will need only some network drivers and storage drivers but that only if your boot image can’t see the manage point and local storage during in the setup process.

1.       Create your sources folder when you will store the drivers for example I have E:\Sources\OSD\Drivers\HP Z230 Tower Workstation

2.       Go in Software Library -> Operating System -> Drivers Right Click and select Import Driver


3.       Select the drivers source


4.       Driver details – Enable this drivers and made a new category for them

5.       Add drivers to package. Create a new package. The new package required an empty folder to store the files there


6.       Add driver to the boot image. Never add drivers in boot images, only if are strongly required.


7.       Finish. After the successful import move all the drivers in sub folder per vendor/model. Good to have everything clean and organize J


8.       Distribute the content on DP. I’ve that was selected “update DP when finished” but looks like a bug. Every time I was forced to distribute manually.