How to install, configure, scan with MAP for audit


How to install, configure, scan with MAP for audit

Steps to install MAP tool and scan the infrastructure.




  1. Run with administrative permission MAP installer



  1. Agreement



  1. Chose installation location



  1. Customer agreement



  1. Installation



  1. Restart computer at the end



Configure initial scanning:


  1. Create a new DB



  1. Perform an inventory scan



  1. Chose what information we want from your environment



  1. Chose how to query the information, from what sources



  1. Add credentials for scan Active Directory forest, require minimum read only access



  1. Select what OU or entire forest



  1. If you selected SCCM add SCCM primary site FQDN and a valid account 



  1. Provide credentials to query with WMI, SQL, Power Shell, etc.  Require privilege wrights.




  1. If you use more accounts specified preferred order for each  technology



  1. Connections properties



  1. Summary



  1. Scan status




  1. Results