Dell BIOS installer switches / parameters for SCCM installation

Hi all

You want to install the bios upgrade and you don’t know the installer switches / parameters for a silent and controlled installation with SCCM. You are lucky, I will share with you this information :)

/? /h =help screen
/s - suppress user interface
/s /f - override soft dependency errors during BIOS update
/s /r - reboot system to complete the update
/s /l=<path> - log messages to this file
/p=<password> - provide the BIOS password if needed
if you use /r in the exe line it will restart and the exit code = 6 (Rebooting System)
if you don't use /r it will complete and give you exit code = 2 (Reboot Required)
if you use /l="PathToLogFile" it will show you some useful information including its exit code and various component version numbers.

This what usually I use for silent installaton with SCCM: "OptiPlex_3060_1.2.17.exe" /s /p=Password /l=C:\Temp\OptiPlex_1.2.17_3060.log