SCCM 2016 Design

SCCM 2016 Design considerations

First off all you need to consider the SCCM maximum number and limitations so please check: Size and scale numbers for SCCM 2016

Now for different type of scenarios you can have a different number of servers or jus one. For example for a large enterprise you can have: One SQL Cluster, two or more Management Point, two or more Distribution Point,  two or more Update Point, etc. Please find more details here  Design a hierarchy of sites for SCCM 2016.

In our scenario we will cover a medium company with 700 client computers and 300 servers split in 6 geographical locations.

In Data Center or in the biggest branch or head quarter we will deploy only server with all important roles installed plus SQL Server and one Distribution Point in each site location, 5 in our case. Only one primary site with multiple DP is the most recommended deployment even for larger corporation. With SCCM 2012 the design was simplified a lot and secondary site are not required any more.

For this tutorial I will use in my lab

Server role Server name Memory GB v-CPU
Domain Controller DUBDC01.SCCM.IE 1 1
File Server DUBFS01.SCCM.IE 2 1
Win7 client1.SCCM.IE 1 1
Total   10 5

In a real scenario I will recommend for SCCM server 16 GB of RAM and 2-4 v-CPU with multiple disks.