Upgrade windows 10 1903 using sccm step by step

How to push windows 10 1903 upgrade with SCCM step by step

God news, yesterday in state 21 may 2019, today for us Europeans windows 10 1903 was released  http://www.sccm.ie/news/88-what-s-new-in-windows-10-1903. So let's start the engine and upgrade our windows 10 fleet to windows 10 1903 :)

1. First check if SCCM synchronize the WSUS VB with Microsft and the new version is available in SCCM console. Go to Software Library --> Overview --> Windows 10 Servicing -->All Windows 10 Updates. I highlighted the version I need in my environment 


2. Right Click and select deploy 


3. General, chose a deployment name and a test collection


4. Deployment settings, Required


5. Scheduling, in my case is just a pilot test so I chose imediatly

Windows 10 1903 deployment scheduling

6.  User experience, in my case I have chose to force install and restart at deadline

Windows 10 1903 deployment user experience

6. Alerts

Windows 10 1903 deployment alerts

7. Deployment Package, chose an existing one or create a new

Windows 10 1903 deployment package

8. Download Location

Windows 10 1903 deployment download

9. Language

Windows 10 1903 deployment language

10. Download settings

Windows 10 1903 deployment download settings

11. Summary, review the information

12. Completion

 Now on computer client in software center 




  If you have this error 0xC1900208 – (1047526904) see this link how to fix Fix sccm error 0xc1900208 deploying windows 10 1903