Tune MP (management packs) in SCOM 2016

Tune MP (management packs) in SCOM 2016

Probably the most important skills in SCOM, learn to tune/override MP. Out of box any MP has monitors, rules already pre-reconfigured for a standard configuration, environment, some are turned off or on, you can override parameters like disk space alerts, disk latency, etc. You will discover soon that you are not happy with some configuration and next step it will be to tune your MP. The golden rule is to keep the original MP clean and save you overrides in a new MP.

Before to start remember about this article: Import SCOM 2016 MP (management pack), who describe what is in MP and learn what can be configured. Please keep documented any change made. In today example I will override SCCM MP and stop the alerts for Intune Connector, in this env. Intune is not used.

1. Unnecessary alert


2. Create a new MP where we will save the new SCCM MP overrides

2.1 Go to Console -> Administration -> Management Packs -> Create Management pack


2.2 New MP general properties



3. Lets override, so our issue is a monitor for the site role Intune


3.1 To do the override we will go to Console -> Authoring -> Management Packs Objects -> Monitors and looking for Intune


 3.2 In this case I will override/disable this monitor for all objects, but for other configuration, let's say a file server where you want to increase the level for a free space warning you can select only on server or a file server group.


3.3 Double check if is what we want to override by going on Show Monitor Properties


3.4 So, by default is enabled, Effective Value is True


3.5 After you apply the setting you can see now that the Effective Value is disable


3.6 You can see the override in Overrides tab


Wasn't difficult, no :) ?