Upgrade SCCM CB to 1902 step by step

Upgrade SCCM CB to 1902 step by step

Microsoft has released two months ago SCCM CB 1902 see the link for release and what's new sccm 1902 was released , what's new. This article it will cover step by step all process to upgrade SCCM 1810 to SCCM 1902.

You can upgrade SCCM 1902 if you have minimum installed SCCM 1710, SCCM 1802, SCCM 1806, SCCM 1810. In my case I have 1810


I chose to postpone this upgrade for two reasons:

  1. To wait for community feedback to is stable
  2. Waiting also for 1903 ADK released, Link: what-s-new-in-the-windows-adk-for-windows-10-version-1903 

There is no point to mention that is highly recommended to keep your infrastructure up to date. In this way you will have the latest stable  build and the latest features. Here is a list with a few features:

  • New Client health dashboard
  • Stop cloud service when it exceeds threshold
  • Add cloud management gateway to boundary groups
  • Distribution point maintenance mode
  • View first screen only during remote control
  • Improvements to application approvals via email
  • Progress status during in-place upgrade task sequence
  • Optimized image servicing
  • Import a single index of an OS image
  • Replace toast notifications with dialog window
  • Office products on lifecycle dashboard
  • View recently connected consoles
  • In-console documentation dashboard

This is Microsoft support for SCCM CB Versions https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/servers/manage/current-branch-versions-supported



Upgrade process

Once all prerequisites are ready lets start the upgrade. The upgrade process is available only from sccm console. Go to Administration --> Overview --> Updates and Servicing


1. Lets run the prerequisites Check.

The prerequisite check runs in the background and all menu are unavailable during the check. One way to see progress is by viewing C:\ConfigMgrPrereq.log. You can also monitor prerequisite check by going to Monitoring / Update and Servicing Status, right-click your Update Name and select Show Status



Wait until prerequisite is marked as Completed


2. Now lets start the installation 

Launch SCCM 1902 update process 


  •  General, click Next


  • On Features tab, select what new features you want to enable during the update process, click Next


  •  Client Update Options, select what you prefer and Next


  • Licence Terms, review, accept and Next 


  • Summary, review your choices and click Next


  • Completion, this was very fast, this completion is just for wizard, the upgrade process it will run in background 


  • Check the status, the upgrade can take more than a hour.  to see update information click on Refresh button, the information is nor displayed in real time.


For more details about upgrade process open the SCCM log SCCM Installation Directory\Logs\CMUpdate.log

3. Upgrade the Console

The console has an auto-update feature. When you open the console, if you are not running the latest version, you will receive a warning and the update will start automatically.
Since all updates operations were initiated from the console, we didn’t close it during the process. We received a warning message when clicking certain objects. You will have the same message when opening a new console
Click OK, console restart and update will start automatically.



4. Verification


After setup is completed, verify the build number of the console. If the console upgrade was successful, the build number will be 8740 and the version is now Version 1902.



Go to Administration --> Site Configuration --> Sites
Right-click your site and select Properties
Verify the Version and Build number



The client version will be updated to 5.00.8790.1005. 

SCCM 1902 Client Package distribution, after upgrade default packages are updated. Navigate to Software Library --> Application Management --> Packages


BOOT Images

Boot images will automatically update during setup, the image is pulled from ADK, more exactly from updated Windows Assessments and Deployment Kit Windows Preinstallation Environment Add-ons Windows 10 1903, was a requirement for this upgrade.

- Go to Software Library --> Operating Systems --> Boot Images
- Select your boot image and check the last Content Status date. It should match your setup date

Upgrade Clients

Upgrade clients is by using the Client Upgrade feature:

  • Open the SCCM Console
  • Go to Administration --> Site Configuration --> Sites
  • Click the Hierarchy Settings in the top ribbon
  • Select Client Upgrade tab
  • The Upgrade client automatically when the new client update is available to the checkbox is enabled
  • Review your time frame and adjust it to your needs


Monitor SCCM Client Version Number

To monitor your client upgrade go to Monitoring --> Overview --> Client Status --> Production Client Deployment




In conclusion, you can create a collection that targets clients without the latest client version because is very useful when it comes to monitoring a non-compliant client.
Here’s the query to achieve this: (You can also refer to our Set of Operational Collection Powershell Script which contains this collection)

select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.ClientVersion != '5.00.8790.1005'